Consultation Brief
Team Leader
Organizations Name
Desired Start Date of Synergy Outing
Fall Back Start Date
If desired date is unavailable.
What’s the big picture? Introduce and desrcibe your organization and what is your mission statement? Please summarize who you are and what you do.
The Team
The more precise and detailed the better. How many people make up your team and what is the general demographic? Who is the management team that will be setting the goals for this experience? What should be avoided in talking to this team? What do they know and believe about the outdoors and team building before we tell them anything? Who is the particpating team? Could be management, advisors, new hires, etc.
A concise statement of the effect the experience should have on participants. Typically expressed as an action. And focused on what the experience should make them think, feel, or do. What objectives are you trying to achieve? What are the priorities of those objectives? Can you suggest strategy or positioning to achieve the objective?
Additional Services Requested
Will your team need additional services? Including but not limited to: Transportation, lodging, food, entertainment time, work/conference time.
How much money do you have to spend on this experience? Has this budget been approved? By whom?
Responsible Parties
Who needs to sign off on final contract and its intended purpose?

The mission of Synergy is to foster relationships between people and nature – through inspiration, education and

entertainment – that have a long-lasting impression.

We provide leadership that allows individuals to discover their natural strengths and opportunities for growth as a

teammate and team member in a safe environment that promotes collaboration, wellness, and fun.

We bring people to nature, and nature to people where the interaction produces a lasting impression that is greater

than the sum of the individual parts.